Bathroom Renovations in Windsor by Vanityfix

Some of the most dramatic changes in design Carlton’s home trends are noticeable in bathroom areas. If you haven’t redone your bathroom in a while then the chances are pretty good that this room is in dire need of an upgrade. Modern bathrooms are more functional and more beautiful than ever before. By upgrading your bathroom you can achieve much more home functionality and you can also save lots of money thanks to water and electricity efficient devices such as modern faucets and toilets.

If it is time to redo your bathroom in Carlton then you should give Vanityfix a call right now. Our company is the leading renovation business in this area and can help you with any bathroom renovation project no matter how big or small your renovation needs might be.

We Create the Best Bathroom Renovations in Carlton

Our bathroom modifications are second to none! Vanityfix has a team of highly skilled designers and builders who can fully transform your bathroom into an oasis in which you would love to spend lots of time. Our luxurious bathroom designs will enable you to properly care for your body and skin and thanks to the extravagances of modern bathroom ware you can utilise this private area to blow off some steam, relax and fully refresh your body and spirit.

Any Bathroom Renovation Project Is a Possibility

With lots of experience, you can bet that Vanityfix can take care of any type of bathroom revamp project you might have in mind. We can perform simple renovation tasks for you such as a fresh coat of paint or to fix simple water leaks. Our skillful builders can also perform minor relocation projects and can move your bathtub, cupboards, shower, or basins for you to a much more suitable location inside the bathroom so this room can become more functional or free up some space. We also have the best flooring experts on our team and can install any type of flooring from hardwood to ceramic tiles for you with ease. And if you are looking for an expert to fully transform your bathroom then you have come to the right place because we can strip out and fully renovate your bathrooms according to the latest design trends.

Bathroom Services We Can Do For You

We can perform a wide range of services including the following;

  • Bathroom demolition
  • Retiling of walls and floors
  • Replace old bathroom items such as tubs, shower, basin or toilet with new efficient bathroomware
  • Repair minor damages
  • Repaint the bathroom with mold and mildew resistant paint
  • Draw up new floor plans for a completely renovated bathroom
  • Fully refurbish and install a new bathroom
  • Install or repair bathroom plumbing
  • Install luxury items in your bathroom
  • We Can Help With Your Redesign

Many homeowners just don’t know what will work best in a bathroom. We can assist you with redesigning your bathroom so you can make the most out of your floor area, achieve the highest possible functionality, that suits your exact need and that looks absolutely breathtaking.

Contact Vanityfix right now for any inquiries you might have for our teams with regards bathroom modifications.

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