There is no such thing as merely having a bathroom – without having a vanity next to it. Yes, you should have a toilet, a sink and a bath. But without a vanity in between it all, your bathroom just won’t work. One needs the other to bring out the best in each other. It is a critical element that can enlighten and change the functionality and style of your bathroom.

So if you have a bathroom that doesn’t have a vanity – or you are building a brand new bathroom – it is now time to get a vanity. If you need some convincing why you need one, take a read on our reasons.

It Creates A Focal Point.

What is the first thing you want to see when you walk into your bathroom? The toilet, the bathtub, the shower or a stunning vanity? With a shiny mirror, perfect countertop, sink and draws, your vanity can become the focal point of your bathroom. It will draw people in and will become the centrepiece of your bathroom. Don’t worry, there are thousands of different designs, styles and custom-made creations that you can choose from so that you can find the one you want.

Maximises Space.

Unless you have a large bathroom with plenty of space, a vanity can help you maximise the limited space you have. Consisting of a mirror, sink and cabinets, you can find yourself maximising the limited space to great effect. With an array of sizes and options available, you will be able to find a vanity that works perfectly for your bathroom.

It Doesn’t Blow Your Budget…

Despite what you think, vanities are not expensive. Yes, there are some that are pricey (just like anything else) and there are some that are cheap. Like we mentioned above in regards to the designs and styles, vanities come in an array of different prices. What you have to do to get the best vanity within your budget, while looking at the style, design and functionality of a vanity and how it works with your bathroom. Don’t be fooled into worrying that you can’t find something for your desired price range. We assure you there is always something available in your budget.

But It Does Maximise The Functionality.

One of the most important things that come with vanities is that they provide your bathroom with a sense of functionality. Where would you place your items or manage your supplies? What about the time to takes to set yourself up? Rather than using your bathroom as merely a washroom, you can create another level of function for it. With a vanity, you can add that element that makes your bathroom stand out for something more than just being a bathroom.

These are the some of the key reasons on why you should be looking to add a vanity to your bathroom. We here at Vanityfix can help you. Just contact us on 03 9645 1511  or visit us at Level-1, Suite 130/15 Hall Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria.