Over the last couple of years, double sink vanities have become very popular for homes in Melbourne. As experts in the field, we can see why: they provide a range of functional benefits, as well as the aesthetic advantages. But that is not enough to convince you; so we are going to explain to you why homeowners prefer this option rather than the single vanity.

  1. More Personal Space For Comfort
    With two sinks, you get to enjoy more of the bathroom. When big families have to share a bathroom, and especially a bathroom sink, it becomes a struggle. But with two sinks, you get more personal space for yourself, more time and more comfort. You will get to enjoy your time in the bathroom as opposed to rushing in, getting cramped in and rushing out. Expect a different level of bathroom comfortability with two bathroom sinks in your vanity.

  2. Aesthetically Appealing
    Let’s not ignore the appeal of double sink vanity sets. They are a marvel to look at and create a more engaging atmosphere. They provide you with the illusion of more space and open up the atmosphere of the bathroom. With a wide selection of designs, models, and styles, you will be able to find the vanity set that is going to transform your bathroom’s decor.

  3. More Storage For Everyone
    Don’t you hate it when your bathroom vanities get full with products? Well, with two bathroom sinks that means another level of cabinets for you to use. That means more storage for you to enjoy and use. You get double the space to fit in everyone’s products and needs.

  4. Affordable For Everyone
    Squash the notion now that two sinks means double the price. Not even close. Double sink vanities are accessible for everyone you wants them. There is a broad selection of designs, and all are made with different materials, ensuring that you have the choice to choose what you can afford. Better yet, by investing in a double sink vanity set, you will…

  5. Increase The Value Of Your Property!
    Remember that every dollar that you put into your home will come back in your pockets when you sell it. With double sink vanities, expect the money to come flying back. These models are very trendy with investors and buyers so they will look favorably on them.

These are the reasons that you should be looking to get double sink vanities installed in your property. If would like to like to see some in the flesh, or want to talk to an expert, then come down to Vanityfix. We have the collection of custom made vanities to transform your bathroom completely.