When it comes to space in your home, your bathroom space is some of the most important. With limited room to work with, you want to take advantage of what is available to make it stylish and functional for everyone. If you’re wanting to renovate your current bathroom, a double vanity takes great advantage of your existing space.

Here are a few reasons why couples should consider installing a double vanity over a single vanity.

Everyone’s Busy

We all lead busy lives, and one of the best reasons to install a double vanity is simply because it is efficient and functional. If you’re used to busy mornings before work then you know the importance of having space to yourself to get ready.

A double vanity gives you space for two when your mornings get hectic. Rather than having to wait or squeeze into a space built for one, you’ll each have your own personal area to get ready and not get in each other’s way.


With your own spaces, you’ll both be able to keep your things neatly organised. Rather than having a cluttered vanity that’s hard to navigate, you’ll have your own space for your own toiletries. No more mixing up toothbrushes or getting your toiletries mixed up.

A double vanity also lets you feel more like a couple rather than flatmates – nobody wants to be fighting for space in the bathroom when they don’t have to.

Easy Cleaning

Having a larger space to store your things makes it easier to clean up the bathroom. Rather than having everything displayed on a small vanity, you’ll have room to clean and keep your things organised. More space means more storage, and keeping your bathroom clean and tidy makes for a much happier household.

Worth the Investment

A double vanity is absolutely worth the investment, especially if you’re looking to renovate your existing single vanity. Double vanities can help increase the value of your home – ample counter space is definitely appealing to potential home buyers. Even if you’re not looking to sell, it will vastly improve your bathroom space into the future.

Choosing a Double Vanity

Some people may be tempted to try installing two single vanities, but the best option is a pre-built double vanity. Choosing a pre-built option allows you to have complete control over the style and spacing. If you’re getting a double vanity by installing two single vanities, spacing between the sinks may not be enough. With a pre-built double vanity, space won’t be an issue.

Even better is a custom built double vanity – that way you’re getting exactly what you want, how you want it. Your space will be measured and the vanity will be built to fit your exact needs. Contact us today to see how we can turn your bathroom dreams into a reality!

Ways to Optimise Your Space

When you’re working with small spaces such as bathrooms, it’s important to try to maximise the potential of the space as much as possible. When considering a double vanity, look at your storage needs as well. If you currently have a single pedestal sink, you may want to opt for a double vanity with storage underneath. You’ll go from no vanity storage to plenty of storage and add a sink while you’re doing it.

Each bathroom has specific requirements and constraints, so contacting one of our experts is the best way to make the most out of your bathroom space. Whether you’re doing a new build or a complete renovation, we have just what you need to turn your house into a home.