Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations in Richmond

Have you noticed that the bathroom in your Richmond home is looking a less worse for wear? Does your kitchen need an upgrade? Are you a little lost on how to start all these renovations?

With Vanityfix by your side, you don’t have to worry at all. When it comes to providing bathroom and kitchen renovations for the good people of Richmond, we are the team you can rely on.

An Open Approach

Here at Vanityfix, we believe in being honest and open with our Richmond customers. We don’t beat around the bush, promising you things that you don’t need, or showcasing stuff you don’t want. We are firm in the notion that we are honest with our clients in that we want the best for them. Whether you are looking to redesign your bathroom or your kitchen, we will always be the same with you: open, direct and honest.

Kitchen Renovations Richmond

Kitchen Renovations in RichmondThe right kitchen can bring the whole home to life. You will be able to bring everyone together to share a lovely meal, be comfortable with themselves and start a wealth of memories. That is why homeowners put plenty of effort into their kitchen renovations in their Richmond homes. They want the perfect design and layout.

Luckily for them, Vanityfix is here to help with our kitchen renovations service.

With a wealth of kitchen products (such as benchtops, cabinets and more), a selection of different styles, colours and hues, and the steady hands to put it all together, we can create the kitchen you want for your home.

Bathroom Renovations Richmond

Bathroom Vanity UnitsA bathroom is supposed to be a room of comfort; of tranquillity. With the right products, the perfect design and the structured layout, you can create a bathroom that will provide you with complete comfort.

Here at Vanityfix, we have all the bathroom products, designs and products you could possibly want.

Our Port Melbourne location has everything you need in one place. You can choose the products you want for your renovations; you can decide on the colours or styles, you can see how it matches together; you can even leave it to us to renovate it for you.

Reach Out To Vanityfix For Best Bathroom & Kitchens Renovations In Richmond

There is a lot of fun and joy that comes with designing and creating your new kitchen or bathroom. But it can also be a stressful period, one that is going to make you second guess everything you want. That is where we will help you.

With our passion, commitment and desire to help our customers, we will go out of our way to ensure that your designs and creations come to life. Honest, direct and friendly, our approach is based all around you.

If you need help with your bathroom and/or kitchen renovations, call us on 03 9645 1511 .

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