Tilefix has now released a new laundry system. This modular system will allow you to customise your laundry to suit your individual needs. Whether you need a custom wall to wall or just a small laundry we have a solution for you.

This contemporary modular laundry has plenty of space for your linen and laundry essentials plus extra room for the all important hidden laundry
basket. The overhead cupboards are ideal storage and there is plenty of bench space for sorting and folding. You can choose any cabinet and mix
and match our huge range of Colours and Handles. Personalise your cabinets with our ultimate selections to create just the look you are after!
Check out our stunning selections that can be used on any laundry cabinet in store

Frequently asked questions

Things to remember when considering your design.

There are two things to base your design on – where are you going to locate your washing machine and laundry tub. To make your remodel as
cost effective as possible it would be best to retain their existing locations to save you having to move plumbing points. Once you’ve worked out
their locations then start filling in the rest of the space with cabinets.

What cabinets go where?

Once you’ve placed the washing machine, drier and tub you’re ready to go crazy with maximising your storage space. After placing the cabinets,
you can then work out your benchtop length.

Tumble driers, up top or down low?

Just like an under bench washing machine, you can do the same with your tumble drier. They too are always 600mm wide so will fit perfectly
into a 650mm gap. Of course, you can mount them on the wall over you washing machine if you prefer it at eye level. If you’re planning on
mounting it on the wall, it would be good to check that there are studs in the wall at your chosen location so that you can securely fix the wall

Can you get custom sized cabinets?

Of course, we know that everyone’s laundry is different. Any of our cabinets can be ordered in a custom size

How do I get a quote?

Come instore where we can aid the design process and provide a comprehensive quote with a breakdown of all the products and services it
includes. You can also inquire at info@tilefix.com.au for an estimate as well.

Does Tilefix install?

We can provide a full installation service including water proofing, tiling, plumbing and cabinet construction just to name a few of the services
we offer.

What else can Tilefix supply?

At Tilefix we can supply everything from tapware to tiles to provide a personalised, contemporary flair to your laundry. We also do full bathroom
and kitchen renovations, providing both quality products and a streamlined service to deliver your dream renovation at one stop. We
have a plethora of experience working on both commercial and residential projects.