Bathroom vanities are always considered a big part of any bathroom design. And there is no arguing that case. They draw in the eyes of people and can completely alter the structure and functionality of a bathroom. With such a demanding focus, you can see why people put a lot of effort into getting the right vanity style.

Just like anything else, styles go in and out. What is popular now, won’t be popular again in a few years. But that doesn’t mean trends don’t come back into the fold or that you can’t get a stylish vanity that retains its long-term style. This is why we have listed down five bathroom trends that will stay trendy:

Keep It White

A simple, yet effective way to retain a stylish vanity is to keep it white. White is the most used colour when it comes to bathrooms, so having a white vanity will help it blend into any colour designs and changes that happen down the line. Keep it basic with a white colour, and you have a platform to get creative with the rest of your bathroom.

The Pedestal Model

You would have seen this before: the pedestal sink that stands alone by itself. This design is a very traditional and vintage model, made to be used with any structure and design in your home. Having one will retain a traditional sense in your bathroom, giving you options to build around it.

Go Dark To Bring It Out

Much like white is an attractive and continuous colour with bathroom and vanities, going for the complete opposite will stand out. At the same time, it will help create a platform for you to design the rest of the bathroom. It will stand out on its own, giving you license to create what you want.

The Earthly Look

That’s right. It’s time to get natural with your vanity. Bring out the colours of nature with your earthly design. You will be able to ensure that this style lasts for ages and will adapt with other creative options. Look to expand your range with a very natural approach to your vanity design.

Go Wooden

Wood and timber vanities have fast become one of the biggest and most popular trends in Australia. There is a good reason for it. It retains an element of class and tradition while being able to blend into the rest of the bathroom or stand out on its own. Timber or wood vanities will add another dimension to your bathroom’s overall atmosphere.

These are the classic trends that are going take your vanity to another level. If you want to experience having your custom design vanity, you can speak to the passionate experts here at Vanityfix. We are dedicated to providing all our customers with the complete experience, so they can enjoy the vanity they always wanted.