Bathroom Renovations in South Melbourne by Vanityfix

They say home is where the heart is and your heart sure does beat a lot faster for your home if you cannot wait to enjoy a luxurious hot bath in your gorgeous bathroom so you can relax, get rid of stress and tension and become refreshed. If returning back home doesn’t make your heart race with joy then you need to give Vanityfix a call because you are in desperate need of a bathroom renovation.

We Can Transform Your Bathroom for You

Vanityfix has been doing bathroom renovations in South Melbourne for a very long time and our customers just cannot seem to get enough of our brilliant looking bathroom designs and installations. We can do a partial modification in your bathroom such as install a new basin or tub or retile your bathroom for a quick and easy upgrade. Alternatively we can fully transform your entire bathroom for you complete with fresh new vanities and brand new bathroomware such as toilets, tubs, basins and more. We can do any type of bathroom renovation for you and can perform any task you might need including the following;

  • Bathroom layout design
  • Install basins
  • Floor Tiling
  • Wall Tiling
  • Ceiling repaint and restore
  • Install mixers and taps
  • Build and install custom fit vanities
  • Install custom-made mirror cabinets
  • Build and install beautiful showers
  • Install toilets and bathtubs
  • Build and install storage solutions
  • Install railings and towel hangers
  • Install any type of luxury bathroom items including spa baths, heated towel railings and more

We have been doing bathroom renovations in South Melbourne for many years and can transform from the smallest home bathroom to big commercial bathrooms with ease.

Incredible Benefits of Using Vanityfix for Your Bathroom Renovations

When you use Vanityfix for your home modifications you will enjoy plenty of great benefits such as the following;

  • Expert advice with regards to the best bathroomware and accessories to choose for these rooms
  • Design advise for an ultimately functional and beautiful bathroom
  • Quality products from all the best suppliers will be used for the project
  • Installation expertise will ensure that your bathroom items such as flooring and wall solutions will last and last
  • Drainage and water systems that functions perfectly
  • Modern bathroom solutions that are efficient
  • Access to all sorts of luxury extravagances such as spa baths, lit mirrors, underfloor heating and much more for an ultimately functional and beautiful bathroom
  • Quality work that you can trust
  • Great service from our building teams and our offices
  • A speedy renovation project so you won’t’ feel inconvenienced by the project any longer than ultimately necessary.

At Vanityfix we have been handling bathroom modifications for more than 5 years and we have renovated over 3,000 bathrooms. Our high experience level will ensure that you get the best bathroom layout, the best bathroom products and high quality installation services that will result in a beautiful quality bathroom that will last and last.

Cannot wait to get your bathrooms redone any longer? Then give our offices a call at 03 9645 1511 and we will supply you with a free quote.

If you’re looking for a bathroom renovations in Malvern East, then give us call today! We service all over Melbourne.

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