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Modern bathrooms are much more than just functional and practical. In fact, the look of your bathroom can greatly affect your property value since a beautiful bathroom is one of the most sought-after traits of a beautiful home. With a gorgeous bathroom, home life becomes a lot more luxurious. There are few things as good as taking a long soak in a luxurious bathtub or as refreshing as a steamy hot shower and in modern bathroom trends these rooms are more exhilarating than ever before.

If you are in need of a bathroom upgrade then you should give Vanityfix a call right now. We specialise in bathroom renovations and will give your home a jaw-dropping facelift with our incredible designs and solutions.

Why Do You Need To Use A Trusted Bathroom Expert?

You may be tempted to use a local handyman for these types of renovation projects but this would be a big mistake. In any home, bathrooms are the toughest rooms to renovate. This is because these areas are frequently exposed to water and moisture that is splashed onto walls and floors. Not all flooring and wall solutions are suitable for the high humidity, consistent use and constant exposure to water and bathrooms require frequent washing to keep these rooms clean and hygienic. If your bathroom installation isn’t done right, it most certainly won’t be able to stand the test of time and you could pretty soon be looking at ineffective drainage, peeling paint, loose floor and wall tiles, cracks in your counters and much more. When you use a trusted bathroom expert you won’t just get a gorgeous bathroom or, you will get rooms will last and last and that will remain gorgeous as the years pass on.

Custom Bathroom Renovations in Malvern

We can build custom vanities and other accessories for your bathroom and can build in any type of bathroom ware including luxury bathroom items such as bubble baths or spa baths. Our designers are superb at designing outstanding looking bathrooms and will ensure that your bathroom works great no matter how limited your space might be and no matter how fussy you are with regards to the extras in your bathroom.

Latest bathroom trends in Malvern

It is always best to redesign your bathroom according to the latest bathroom trends because that will ensure that your home stays updated and classy. Here are a few of the most popular Malvern bathroom trends to consider for your renovation project;

Compact living – This design trend is incredibly hip since so many homes are getting a lot smaller. Compact bathrooms are all about making the most with the space you have while still incorporating elements of style and luxury.
Wood finishes – Wood finishes have always been popular but since the invention of wood grain tiles, this trend has become incredibly popular in bathrooms as well. You can definitely consider a wood look for your bathroom.
Mediterranean designs – These bathroom styles follow ancient Mediterranean countries bathroom styles and involves combining charm and hand painted or hand crafted items with modern bathroomware.
Smart storage – Invest in plenty of storage in your bathroom. This isn’t just a stylish look for your bathroom but also gives you heaps of added functionality since you can easily store away bathroom consumables, cleaning products, cosmetics and much more in this utilized space.

For a truly remarkable home, you should definitely give Vanityfix a call. With our experienced building teams at hand, you will get the quality bathroom installations that will give your home a deserved facelift.

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