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Why A Double Vanity Is Ideal For Couples


When it comes to space in your home, your bathroom space is some of the most important. With limited room to work with, you want to take advantage of what is available to make it stylish and functional for everyone. If you’re wanting to renovate your current bathroom, a double vanity takes great advantage [...]

4 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Vanity Maker


Having custom-made vanity in your bathroom is a must! It can make all the difference to the atmosphere, appeal, and value of your bathroom. That is why you have to look for a professional vanity maker; one that is going to create the perfect vanity for you. But how you go about finding the [...]

Why Double Sink Vanities Are Popular In Melbourne


Over the last couple of years, double sink vanities have become very popular for homes in Melbourne. As experts in the field, we can see why: they provide a range of functional benefits, as well as the aesthetic advantages. But that is not enough to convince you; so we are going to explain to [...]

4 Ways Of Matching Your Tiles With Your Vanity


Designing a bathroom can be an overwhelming process. How everything works together, what works with what, how the colour scheme pans out, if the layout matches; you'll be overloaded with all these thoughts. In the midst of all these stresses, one of the most common struggles is matching your bathroom tiles with your vanity. It’s [...]

Five Super-Trendy Vanity Styles


Bathroom vanities are always considered a big part of any bathroom design. And there is no arguing that case. They draw in the eyes of people and can completely alter the structure and functionality of a bathroom. With such a demanding focus, you can see why people put a lot of effort into getting [...]

Why Every Bathroom Needs A Vanity


There is no such thing as merely having a bathroom - without having a vanity next to it. Yes, you should have a toilet, a sink and a bath. But without a vanity in between it all, your bathroom just won’t work. One needs the other to bring out the best in each other. It [...]