Designing a bathroom can be an overwhelming process. How everything works together, what works with what, how the colour scheme pans out, if the layout matches; you’ll be overloaded with all these thoughts. In the midst of all these stresses, one of the most common struggles is matching your bathroom tiles with your vanity. It’s one of the hardest things to do, and people always struggle to get it right. That is why we have four ways that can help you mix and match bathroom tiles with custom vanities for your bathroom:

Contrast Dark To The Light

This can work two ways: if you want to accentuate your vanity, then go for a lighter colour with dark coloured tiles around it. Or, if you want to bring out your tiles, you go for a black vanity and lighter tiles. Either way, contrasting the dark against the light or vice versa, is the perfect way to match your tiles with your vanity.

Keep The Colour – Mix The Shape

One of the easiest ways to mix and match your vanity set with the tiles is to vary the shape of your tiles, but keep the colour the same. So get two different tile designs in the same solid colour and let the grout lines form the pattern around the vanity. This will create a perfect design that keeps everything together.

Completely Go Colour Blind

There is one way to enjoy yourself completely – and go off the chain – and that is not to mix and match at all. Just go with your creative instinct and let all the colours loose. From your vanity to your tiles, you can mix and match any colours without any form or style. It will be out there, but there is nothing more exciting than having a bathroom that is completely created in your design.

Go With The Flow

Sometimes going with the flow just makes sense. In this case, matching the tiles of your bathroom (both floor and wall) with your vanity will create a complete visual design. Yes, this won’t be as exciting as other designs, but you will get a flowing and consistent atmosphere throughout the bathroom. If you are looking to go through this process, stick to either bright white colours or dark grey colours as this will maintain a constant that works with your vanity.

Whether you are looking for tiles or custom vanities, contact Vanityfix. We can help you with the mix and matching process so that your vanity works perfectly with your tiles. You can check out our collection today or speak to one of our team members. We have all the experience and passion needed to help you create the dream bathroom you want for your home!